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Care & Maintenance

The Art Of Quartz


Quartz Surfaces are high-quality, solid, non-porous products that resist scratches, heat, and stains. However, Pompeii Quartz Surfaces are not heat, stain and scratch proof. Pompeii Quartz Surfaces require minimum maintenance and the following care and maintenance guideline will help you to keep the surface in immaculate condition for years.


Pompeii Quartz Surfaces resist strongly to stains caused by fruit juices, liquid food coloring, coffee, tea, wine, grapes, soft drinks, paints, nail polish and remover, automotive fluids, and permanent markers. If accidentally, any of these come into contact with Pompeii Quartz Surfaces, immediately wipe the area with any commonly available multi-purpose cleaner or mild detergent, then rinse off with clean water. A mixture of one (1) part mild detergent to five (5) parts warm tap water (50°C-60°C/122°F-140°F) is ideal for normal cleaning of Pompeii Quartz Surfaces (both floor-ings and countertops). The surface should be cleaned daily in order to avoid the build-up of dirt and any chance of staining.


For stubborn spills and stains, instead of a mild detergent, apply a mild, non-abrasive household cleanser with a neutral pH (between 6 and 8) to a damp soft cloth or nonabrasive sponge, then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Note: It is possible that some of the stubborn stains may leave a light mark or very slight discoloration on the surface. Before trying a more powerful cleaning agent, please test on a small, less conspicuous area of the surface. If there is no negative reaction then proceed to clean the affected area. The same testing should be applied for a cleaning agent which has been kept for a long time without using.


For food, chewing gum, nail polish, paint or any foreign matters that are strongly adhered to any Pompeii Quartz Surfaces, simply scrape them away with a sharp blade or sharp plastic scraper. If a metal blade is used in scraping, it may leave grey marks on the surface which an ordinary scouring pad will easily remove. Wash and rinse the surface with clean water.


With a score of seven on the Mohs Hardness Scale, Pompeii Quartz Surfaces are highly resistant to scratching. To keep the surfaces in immaculate condition for years, always use a cutting board for food preparation. Never cut directly on a countertop surface.


Pompeii Quartz Surfaces are designed and manufactured to withstand moderate heat and the product is not heat proof. Thermal shock resistance increases with the thickness of Pompeii Quartz Surfaces. A slab with the thickness of 30 mm/1.18 inches is more resistant than a 12 mm/0.5 inch slab. Like any composite material, Pompeii Quartz Surfaces may be damaged by a sudden or protracted exposure to high temperatures, mainly at the edges and cutouts, resulting in cracks. To prevent thermal shock, discoloration or other damages, it is necessary to use insulating pads when placing hot objects on the surface. Do not expose the surface to open flames and avoid prolonged contact with very hot cooking appliances. We always recommend using a hot pad or trivet when using cooking units such as electric frying pans, crock pots or roaster ovens.


One of the characteristics that makes these surfaces stand out is their high impact resistance. However, users are recommended to avoid standing or putting excess weight on the surface, especially areas that due to fabrication, may be slightly weaker (pointed corners, fine edges, etc).


Pompeii Quartz Surfaces when exposed to direct sunlight may result in color change and warping, it is advisable to avoid direct sunlight over a prolonged period on the surface.


Pompeii Quartz Surfaces can be permanently damaged by prolonged exposure to strong chemicals and solvents. It is advisable not to use hydrofluoric acid, paint strippers or any product containing trichloroethane or methylene chloride.


Surfaces in special finishes (including honed and brushed finishes) require additional daily maintenance and care compared to polished surfaces. The area exposed on a special finish is more than that of the polished surface; hence any dirt, markings and scratches will be more obvious on a special finish surface. These markings can be removed by using non abrasive cleaning products.


The use of Pompeii Quartz Surfaces as flooring will require more attention to keep their original look. Please consider that use of Pomeii Quartz Surfaces as flooring is not covered under Pompeii’s warranty. Dust, grit and barrier materials from the floors should be removed on a daily basis by sweeping with a soft brush and when necessary by using machine. Sand can scratch a quartz based tile floor and the surface should be always kept free from dust, sand and soil. Pompeii Quartz Surfaces can be easily cleaned with warm water and a mild household detergent, using a standard mop. Make sure the floor is completely dry before walking on it.