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Half Slab Program

Did You Know?

Did you know that not only does Pompeii Quartz offer slabs in Standard (56″ x 119″) and Jumbo (65″ x 130″) sizes, but we also have material available in Half Slabs? Pompeii Quartz Half Slabs are only available from Standard sized slabs and measure 28″ x 119″ in both 2cm and 3cm thicknesses. All colors are available in Half Slabs, so no need to worry about availability!

Advantages to the Half Slab Program

Material That Matches

All Half Slabs are cut from Standard sized slabs and are available in all colors, in both 2cm and 3cm. This means that you will always have a Half Slab option available to you to match your full slab if you are in need of purchasing more material for your project.

Less Material, More Savings

Half Slabs are great for small projects and put less of a strain on your wallet. If you are needing material for a small home renovation project, like updating a bathroom vanity or remodeling your closet, but aren’t wanting to spend more money on a full slab of material – the half slab is the perfect solution. With the Half Slab, you have the option of purchasing less material (which also means less waste for you at the end of the project) and saving more money that can be used elsewhere on your home renovation project.